Baltur provides first-class customer service, supporting heating engineers in the successful delivery of solutions for commercial and industrial boiler and burner applications.

The technical knowledge and experience of the team is second-to-none and is complemented by a friendly, flexible and responsive service for all customers.

In addition to supplying Baltur’s comprehensive range of commercial and industrial burners and boilers, Baltur UK also uses its expertise to offer specialist training for heating engineers, including the integration of controls which are unique to Baltur. Each year, heating engineers have the opportunity to visit Baltur in Italy and undertake a week-long training course.


Designing, making and selling “intelligent” solutions for heating, climate control and industrial and process applications, managing energy rationally and effectively with respect for man and nature: this is how Baltur helps protect the environment.

This means standing out for excellent products and services and a great focus on the customer.

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