Established in 1982, Flomar Ltd addressed a need for expertise and experience within the steam production industry. Flomar provides first-class, bespoke services to the food and process industry. Located in Leicestershire, our team have the experience and extensive product knowledge  – ready to help you.


Throughout a span of four decades, Flomar has gained industry wide respect. Distinguishing itself as a fully independent consultancy and supplier, Flomar is solely dedicated to meeting the unique requirements of its clients and customers, without any bias towards process equipment manufacturers’ interests.

Our clientele encompasses a diverse range, ranging from small and medium-sized enterprises to esteemed names such as GSK, Weetabix, McCain and many more.

What we can do for you

Our team of sales engineers, projects, and consultancy experts possess a wealth of expertise and practical experience accumulated over years of working in the field. Whether you require a solitary valve or a comprehensive steam and condensate system, we are equipped to meet your needs.

Furthermore, we maintain a wide inventory of commonly needed components, ensuring prompt delivery. In cases where items fall outside our standard stock range, we excel in swiftly and economically sourcing them, relieving you of the burden. This is our everyday commitment.

"Flomar were the only company that presented us with a plan which was customised specifically to our needs. Flomar were a great team to work with, and they took a good old-fashioned pride in their work, which we really appreciated."
Bill Dixon
Energy Manager, NHS Trust.
"Wow that is incredible. Please extend our thanks to everyone involved in making this happen so fast."
Ashley Osbourne
Instrumentation Engineer, Albumedix