Trap Management

Armstrong SAGE is a cutting-edge software tool designed to optimize steam trap surveys. Combined with their wireless sensors and advanced analytics. It can provide real-time data on steam system performance. Here are some of the benefits of using Armstrong SAGE for steam trap surveys:

  1. Increased efficiency: Armstrong SAGE helps to streamline the steam trap survey process, allowing for quicker and more accurate analysis of steam system performance. This saves time and resources, allowing for more efficient operation of a steam system.
  2. Improved accuracy: The use of wireless sensors and advanced analytics in Armstrong SAGE provides accurate, real-time data on steam system performance. This allows for more precise identification of faulty steam traps and other issues, leading to better decision-making and more effective solutions.
  3. Cost savings: By quickly identifying and fixing faulty steam traps, Armstrong SAGE can help to reduce energy waste and lower operating costs. This means a more cost-effective operation of a facility.
  4. Enhanced safety: Armstrong SAGE helps to improve the safety of a steam system by identifying and fixing faulty steam traps that can cause dangerous conditions, such as leaks or explosions.


SAGE® keeps you fully informed, 24 hours a day with regular updates, precise documentation, custom-filtered reports, and real-time alerts notifying you of any problems. SAGE® works seamlessly with our real-time monitoring products, ensuring that it always has access to the most current data. With SAGE®, you are the owner of your data and it’s always protected by high-level security.

Armstrong’s powerful software calculates steam loss data and reports it using our proprietary steam system efficiency methodology that has been approved by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

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