In light of COVID-19, M&M Training adapted to offer virtual attendance for our training courses. Our virtual courses are thoughtfully designed to replicate the classroom environment, providing opportunities for seamless interactions with the instructor and fellow participants.

The overwhelmingly positive feedback from our customers regarding the course prompted us to make a significant decision – to continue offering virtual training. The exceptional satisfaction expressed by our customers solidified our belief in the effectiveness and value of virtual training.


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Virtual Steam Utilisation (SU)

£325/person (excl. VAT)
  • 5 Year Accreditation (£110.00)

Virtual Boiler House (BH)

£325/person (excl. VAT)
  • 5 Year Accreditation (£110.00)

Virtual Water Treatment (WT)

£325/person (excl. VAT)
  • 5 Year Accreditation (£110.00)

Virtual BOAS (Shell & Tube Boilers)

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  • 5 Year Accreditation (Included)

As a newly appointed manager, I recently attended the virtual BOAS Cat 2 – Shell Type Steam Boilers delivered on Zoom. The course was expertly delivered by M&M Training Services and governed by the CEA. The course was extremely informative and gave us great insight into the daily operation and management of boiler house operations and steam usage.

Ross Neale

Jardin Corrugated

It was very well delivered, engaging and extremely
informative, so congratulations to them for this very successful effort...I had
intended carrying on with my normal day job and just listen in from time to time, but it was so interesting that I stayed on the course throughout.

David Kilpatrick