What is 3D Mapping?

3D Laser Scanning (3D Mapping) is the non-intrusive process by which a laser scanner is used to capture data of a site at multiple locations. This data is then used to produce a point cloud data set of the entire scan site. This state-of-the-art method gives extremely accurate data with a tolerance of just 2mm. This data is then used in various scenarios to provide, time and cost savings, to process plant.

Applications of 3D Scanning

  • Provide highly accurate 2D and 3D Drawings
  • Provide 3D ‘walk throughs’
  • Comply with plant safety and legal requirements with mapping of Plant Assets for Emergency Services & Maintenance Teams
  • Architectural & Asset Documentation
  • Virtual design for proposed plant upgrades, extensions and refits

Benefits of 3D Scanning

  • Highly Accurate (within 2mm)
  • Fast surveys save time on site
  • Confined, hazardous or inaccessible areas surveyed
  • Scans can be taken day or night to suit your plant schedule
  • Digitize your plant to log plant assets and positions for permanent reference
  • Digital planning lowers the risk of design error for proposed changes to site structures and pipework
  • Data can be shared easily between all personnel with the required software
  •  Physical visualization of proposed changes to plants 

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