Who Should Attend?

Our Water Treatment course is intended for operators of industrial steam boilers and plant managers who wish to understand the importance water quality for their boiler. This course is typically taken with our SU and BH.


This course will enable the delegate to undertake the most important regular tests on his/her boiler.

Complete with practical demonstrations, the delegate will be able to optimise his/her boiler plant water treatment, improving safety, efficiency and steam quality.

  • Reasons for water treatment 
  • What is water?
  • How does water become contaminated?
  • Distribution of water on Earth
  • Hardness of water in the UK
  • Pre-treatment of steam boilers
  • Effects of scale
  • Water treatment methods
  • TDS Systems
  • Safety and Legal Requirements
  • Guidelines 
Upon completion delegates will have 24/7 access to video tutorials of water treatment tests.

This course lasts 1 day (8 hours). It can be attended:

  • Here at M&M Training
  • At clients site (subject to trainer availability) 
  • Virtually


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In House

£325 / person (excl. VAT)
  • 5 Year Accreditation (£100.00)


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  • 5 Year Accreditation (£100.00)