Trap Management

Armstrong’s trap management includes access to timely information and deep, comprehensive insight into your utility system. Using SAGE®, Armstrong’s state-of-the-art platform for smart steam system monitoring and reporting, we can provide regular updates, custom reports, and vital, realtime data, including:
– Work order reports
– Recommendations for trap replacements
– Recommendations for system optimisations to improve safety, energy use, and maintenance costs


SAGE® keeps you fully informed, 24 hours a day with regular updates, precise documentation, custom-filtered reports, and real-time alerts notifying you of any problems. SAGE® works seamlessly with our real-time monitoring products including SteamEye® and AIM®, ensuring that it always has access to the most current data. With SAGE®, you are the owner of your data and it’s always protected by high-level security.

Armstrong’s powerful software calculates steam loss data and reports it using our proprietary steam system efficiency methodology that has been approved by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

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